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Ten Business Ideas You Can Start This Weekend

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If you’re a young entrepreneur who is anxious to get started, there is no need to wait to open a new business. You have quite a few different choices at your disposal. For some you’ll need to have specific skills, and for others, you only need to put in your time and effort. Here are ten ideas to get you started.

Dog walking service

There are hundreds of pet owners who are too busy with their careers and other commitments to walk their pets on a daily basis. You may be surprised at the number of responses you’ll get for offering to walk pets for a small fee. Some good places to advertise your business are pet shops, grocery stores and community bulletin boards. You can also advertise on social media sites.

Web site design

If you have a talent for designing websites, your skills are in high demand. There are countless newbies out there who could use some help in building their personal or business websites, and they’re willing to pay for the service.

Freelance Writing

If you can write high quality articles or essays, you could sign up as a freelance writer for one or more of the many sites which are hiring online. You will be asked to complete an online test to assess your skills. If you pass, you can start writing for paid articles that usually pay you within one to two weeks.

After school tutor

Tutors are needed for students who struggle with school subjects. Choose a subject that you’re good at and offer your services for the going rate. If you do a good job with a few students, word of mouth may bring you all of the work that you can handle.

Lawn service

Busy professionals, disabled and elder community members often need help in keeping the yard work done. All you need to start this business is the access to a lawn mower, rakes, other yard grooming equipment and reliable transportation to and from the jobs.

Cleaning Service

A new cleaning service in town can provide businesses such as physicians offices and clinics, shops and others with a valuable resources. Most of these venues hire cleaning services to come in after hours to get the office ready for the next day. Some residents may also hire you to perform weekly chores while they are at work. There are a wide range of different services you could offer too – perhaps you’re just offering a laundry service in your city, where you pick up and deliver the clothes to your customers?

Pet Groomer

If you love animals and have the aptitude for shampooing and styling pet hair, this may be a good business choice for you.


Put your cooking skills to good use by opening a catering business. You can startup on a shoestring if you have the basic equipment to prepare meals for small to medium sized gatherings.

Music Lessons

Piano, voice or guitar skills? Becoming a music instructor is a good way to teach others and pass on your love of music while making some money in the process. This is one of the easiest businesses to start if you are proficient at playing an instrument and have the patience to teach the craft to others.


Babysitters are always in demand. Whether just for a few hours in the evening, or for prescheduled periods of time, it can be a profitable business when you’re first starting out in business. Parents are used to paying high rates at established child care centers and are apt to pay you good rates if you are slightly under the going rates at centers.