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Sources of Entrepreneurial Inspiration

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Starting a new business can be fun and exciting if you know what it is that you want to do. This comes easier for some. If you’re having trouble deciding on the kind of business that you should start, here are some resources that can help give you more ideas.

Virgin.com blog

This blog offers ideas for ten different weekend businesses that you can start without a big investment. The content appeals to your areas of interest and any current skills you have to show you how to capitalize on the talents and abilities that you have, you may not have been thinking about.


Small Business Administration

The SBA has a lot of resources for young entrepreneurs complete with online tests to find out if entrepreneurship is for you, some useful tips on getting started, free online courses and resources to find a starter business.



This site is loaded with resources and opportunities for youth to inspire entrepreneurial thinking, pointers in the right direction and applications to join and get involved in a hands on entrepreneurial training experience.


Open Education Database

Here you’ll find the tools and resources to help you get your new business started along with some great ideas to inspire you. This side offers guides, tool kits and a host of other resources to help you take an idea for a new business and turn it into a successful operation. You’ll see how a small business can grow into something much larger. This site offers a total of 24 blogs for the young entrepreneur.



This site offers over one hundred blogs which are dedicated to young entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own businesses. Information on how to choose a business, how to get it started and making it successful are all there.


Economic Empowerment Foundation, Inc.

This site gives you access to plenty of educational opportunities that are enjoyable and that you can use immediately to choose a business that will help you to get ahead in life. It is well worth your time to visit this site. You’ll not only get inspirations for types of businesses to start, but how to successfully get them going, make them thrive and become a successful entrepreneur for life.


These are some of the top resources that are available at no cost to help give you inspiration for a new business. As a young entrepreneur just starting out, you’ll not only get ideas about the kind of business you should start, but you’ll also get valuable information on how to make them work for you.