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Sources of Entrepreneurial Inspiration

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Starting a new business can be fun and exciting if you know what it is that you want to do. This comes easier for some. If you’re having trouble deciding on the kind of business that you should start, here are some resources that can help give you more ideas. blog

This blog offers ideas for ten different weekend businesses that you can start without a big investment. The content appeals to your areas of interest and any current skills you have to show you how to capitalize on the talents and abilities that you have, you may not have been thinking about.

Small Business Administration

The SBA has a lot of resources for young entrepreneurs complete with online tests to find out if entrepreneurship is for you, some useful tips on getting started, free online courses and resources to find a starter business.

This site is loaded with resources and opportunities for youth to inspire entrepreneurial thinking, pointers in the right direction and applications to join and get involved in a hands on entrepreneurial training experience.

Open Education Database

Here you’ll find the tools and resources to help you get your new business started along with some great ideas to inspire you. This side offers guides, tool kits and a host of other resources to help you take an idea for a new business and turn it into a successful operation. You’ll see how a small business can grow into something much larger. This site offers a total of 24 blogs for the young entrepreneur.

This site offers over one hundred blogs which are dedicated to young entrepreneurs who are interested in starting their own businesses. Information on how to choose a business, how to get it started and making it successful are all there.

Economic Empowerment Foundation, Inc.

This site gives you access to plenty of educational opportunities that are enjoyable and that you can use immediately to choose a business that will help you to get ahead in life. It is well worth your time to visit this site. You’ll not only get inspirations for types of businesses to start, but how to successfully get them going, make them thrive and become a successful entrepreneur for life.

These are some of the top resources that are available at no cost to help give you inspiration for a new business. As a young entrepreneur just starting out, you’ll not only get ideas about the kind of business you should start, but you’ll also get valuable information on how to make them work for you.

Ten Business Ideas You Can Start This Weekend

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If you’re a young entrepreneur who is anxious to get started, there is no need to wait to open a new business. You have quite a few different choices at your disposal. For some you’ll need to have specific skills, and for others, you only need to put in your time and effort. Here are ten ideas to get you started.

Dog walking service

There are hundreds of pet owners who are too busy with their careers and other commitments to walk their pets on a daily basis. You may be surprised at the number of responses you’ll get for offering to walk pets for a small fee. Some good places to advertise your business are pet shops, grocery stores and community bulletin boards. You can also advertise on social media sites.

Web site design

If you have a talent for designing websites, your skills are in high demand. There are countless newbies out there who could use some help in building their personal or business websites, and they’re willing to pay for the service.

Freelance Writing

If you can write high quality articles or essays, you could sign up as a freelance writer for one or more of the many sites which are hiring online. You will be asked to complete an online test to assess your skills. If you pass, you can start writing for paid articles that usually pay you within one to two weeks.

After school tutor

Tutors are needed for students who struggle with school subjects. Choose a subject that you’re good at and offer your services for the going rate. If you do a good job with a few students, word of mouth may bring you all of the work that you can handle.

Lawn service

Busy professionals, disabled and elder community members often need help in keeping the yard work done. All you need to start this business is the access to a lawn mower, rakes, other yard grooming equipment and reliable transportation to and from the jobs.

Cleaning Service

A new cleaning service in town can provide businesses such as physicians offices and clinics, shops and others with a valuable resources. Most of these venues hire cleaning services to come in after hours to get the office ready for the next day. Some residents may also hire you to perform weekly chores while they are at work. There are a wide range of different services you could offer too – perhaps you’re just offering a laundry service in your city, where you pick up and deliver the clothes to your customers?

Pet Groomer

If you love animals and have the aptitude for shampooing and styling pet hair, this may be a good business choice for you.


Put your cooking skills to good use by opening a catering business. You can startup on a shoestring if you have the basic equipment to prepare meals for small to medium sized gatherings.

Music Lessons

Piano, voice or guitar skills? Becoming a music instructor is a good way to teach others and pass on your love of music while making some money in the process. This is one of the easiest businesses to start if you are proficient at playing an instrument and have the patience to teach the craft to others.


Babysitters are always in demand. Whether just for a few hours in the evening, or for prescheduled periods of time, it can be a profitable business when you’re first starting out in business. Parents are used to paying high rates at established child care centers and are apt to pay you good rates if you are slightly under the going rates at centers.

Deciding on a Name

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One of the most important things that you will do is to decide on a name for your new business. Some people are fortunate and they can come up with a winner without much thought. Naming your business is not a difficult task, but there are some important things to keep in mind before you make the commitment to your final choice. This is an area that you can take your creative license and have fun.

Relate the business name to its function

It’s always a good idea to make the name of your business has something to do with the kind of business that it is. For example, “Cuts and Curls” for a hair salon or “Pup Tents” for a dog house manufacturer. These may sound a little cheesy, but you get the point.

Use creativity and make it catchy

The name you choose for your business will be a form of advertisement for your services. The catchier, the better so people will remember it more easily. Avoid using offensive names because this could put some of your potential customers off, but make it punchy enough to bring a smile to someone’s face. It isn’t a deal breaker to choose a name that simply states what it is, such as “Barb’s Dog Walking Service.” Using just a few words in the name is the best bet because businesses with long drawn out names can be frustrating and annoying for customers who are trying to tell others about your business.

Solicit the help of others

If you’re having a tough time deciding on the best name for your new business idea, ask a few friends what they think about your choices. Sometimes the best choices can come from someone who is totally disconnected from the situation. In the end, the decision is yours, but the process of choosing a name can be fun and entertaining.

Domain name

Ideally, the domain name for your business will include the name of your business. Before you commit, it’s important to make sure that the domain name that you choose is available. This is the danger of going with a more generic business name. If it’s a popular name, it may already be taken. The domain name is important for internet marketing and getting your business name listed high in search engine rankings. When all of the components of your website are relevant to the business name, and better yet, the function of your business, it will be easier for potential customers to find your advertisements on the web.

We’ve gone into a lot of detail for the simple task of choosing a name for your new business. The reality is that you can choose about any name that you want. Just by keeping these tips in mind, you can make the choice work to grow your new business more quickly.

Setting Up a Home Office

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There are quite a few benefits to setting up a home office, but it needs to be done in a way that secures the best advantages. Under certain circumstances, the expenses of a home office can help you substantially in savings on your income taxes, so it is important to keep every receipt. Store them all in a secure place so you won’t lose them. Having said that, now it’s time to turn to the basics that you’ll need to set up a small home office for your business.

Choosing the best location

Select an area of the home that will give you the space you need to operate. You’ll want to make sure that you have room for all of the office furnishings, storage and equipment. This allows you to setup the layout so everything that you’ll need for your work will be convenient and easy to access. Some things to consider in the arrangement will be whether or not you will have potential customers or clients coming into the office area for goods or services. If the area involves inventory and/or mailing services, set aside an area for this.

Office furniture

If you plan to spend any amount of time working in your office, make sure that the furnishings are highly functional and comfortable. I recommend an ergonomic chair to help avoid back strain. It can make a big difference after a few hours time. Choose a desk that is large enough to accommodate all of the items you will need to place on it. This includes your PC or laptop, etc. Think about any storage needs that you will have. Some desks come with sliding drawers to the side that can house staplers, paper, documents and other supplies. You may also want to consider having a file cabinet or two for storing important information such as invoices, agreements and other business related documents.

Office equipment

Most businesses require the use of a computer. If yours is small in size, you can save space by using a laptop or smaller sized PC with a flat screen monitor. In addition, you’ll need to have a reliable printer and a micro cut paper shredder for disposing of documents that contain sensitive information.


An important part of a home office setup includes the communications aspect of your business. Internet with Wi-Fi is recommended so you can use the signal in a variety of areas of the home. It can also help you to save money on phone data plans. Make sure that the bandwidth is high enough to give you relieable connections for all of the devices that you plan on using for your business operations. You’ll also need to have a cell phone to keep in contact with business associates and customers. There are some reasonable plans on the market and the expenses for this can be counted at tax time.

These are the basics that you’ll need to set up your home office. You don’t need to have a lot of space to get started for most ventures. Keep it simple by starting out with the essentials and you can add to your home business office as you expand as your needs increase.